Milestone Systems hires new head of product development from Microsoft

SSN Staff  - 
Friday, October 9, 2009

COPENHAGEN—Milestone Systems, recently lauded by IMS Research for the fifth year in a row as the global market leader for open platform IP video software, on Oct. 9 announced the hiring of Hans Joergen Skovgaard as head of product development.

Skovgaard’s first step in his new position will be to focus on optimizations in the international company’s research and development procedures.

“My ambition is that Milestone continues to be the world’s best. And that requires our customers to be on our side—which can only happen if we do make the world's best software. We therefore have to constantly develop ourselves as an innovative organization that continues to fulfill customer needs, and to hold the competition at bay," Skovgaard said.

Before Skovgaard came to Milestone, he was employed at Microsoft with responsibility for the product development of Dynamics AX Production and Logistics and had a staff of 120 under him. At Milestone he has 50 developers and testers for now. Initially Skovgaard will scrutinize how the internal development processes can be optimized with a view to the organization's long-term growth plans.