More Brink's branches in 2006? It all depends

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Last year, Brink's Home Security opened five new branches, more than in recent years. Asked if Brink's will continue to expand at this rate in 2006, The Brink's Company vice president and chief financial officer Robert Ritter said the decision to open a new branch has to make economic sense.
If one branch is becoming overloaded and employees are spending a lot of time on the road traveling long distances to worksites, it may make sense to open a second office that will allow the office to better meet demand and move into new geographic areas at the same time.
This was the case, he noted in Massachusetts. Late last fall, Brink's opened a new office in Rhode Island.
The R.I. office enables Brink's to serve some customers formerly served out of the Massachusetts office; at the same time, it will allow Brink's to expand further into R.I. and eventually move into Connecticut.