Morris new president of Missouri Burglar & Fire Alarm Association

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

ROLLA, Mo.--Jim Morris, owner of American Detection Specialists in Springfield, has been elected president of the Missouri Burglar & Fire Alarm Association, taking over for Nick Barrack, who'd been in the role for four years.
"I've been a member for 21 years," Morris said, "and I've never held state office. They said, 'Jim, we've decided to make you president.' I said, 'Do I get a vote?' They said, 'No.'"
Kidding aside, Morris said he is honored to serve the 81-member organization and has appreciated the organization's work in the past. He enjoys attending the meetings, and said one of his primary goals for his upcoming two-year tenure is to increase participation.
"I'm from the old school," he said. "I think you make the things happen that you want to happen. I don't want a handful of companies making decisions for me." He said that without a major issue motivating the members, participation tends to lag.
Also, he said, the MBFAA is, like the NBFAA, looking to increase membership so that when major issues do arise it has the ability to make its voice heard. Further, Morris hoped to increase attendance at the MBFAA's annual trade show, the second of which took place July 28 through 30, at the Resort at Port Arrowhead, in Lake Ozark. The event also featured three days of training, including National Training School Level 1 School and NTS Fire Alarm Installation Methods certifications.
Morris also currently serves as president of the Southwest Missouri Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.