Name change signals expansion plans on the horizon

Saturday, May 1, 2004

CHESHIRE, Conn. - Edwards Signaling has adopted a new name meant to represent an expanded portfolio of products scheduled for release in 12 months.

The manufacturer known for its fire alarm panels, horns, detectors and security products such as electromagnetic door holders, has been renamed Edwards Signaling & Security Systems.

“The name change identifies that there’s an expansion to our strategy,” said Paul Suzio, vice president, general manager of Edwards Signaling & Security Systems.

The company has traditionally focused on the electrical distribution market. While that will remain an important market for the company, it plans to expand its reach within the security distribution channel by offering security-related products that Suzio characterized as “protection” devices. While Suzio declined to elaborate on the kinds of products the company plans to bring to market, he said one product currently under development is an addressable fire alarm system for small buildings.

“We think we’re a viable alternative for security distribution,” said Suzio. “We have a great brand name and great brand recognition.”

Suzio said company officials began considering broadening its market reach two years ago and found that it was not serving the security distribution market as much as it could. The company offered detectors and pull stations, he said, but had never “gone after this market in a focused way.”