National ad campaign taps Lassie

Monday, March 1, 2004

WILTON, Conn. - GE Security has made it into the limelight, with parent company General Electric debuting its first security specific national television advertisement as part of its Imagination at Work campaign.

The commercial touting security first aired Jan. 25 on NBC, and was scheduled to run into early March. It is expected to air again during the May television sweeps season and again in October.

But what’s unique about the national ad campaign is its approach and use of television and movie icon Lassie to deliver the message of security for GE. Using kung-foo moves, Lassie thwarts off an attack by a wild animal and protects his master.

“It’s designed to highlight the creative spark, a little humor, a little whimsy,” said Jay Pinkert, director of communications for GE Security. “It humanizes technology.”

So far Pinkert said the response has been positive, with dealers noting the national advertising campaign has given a lift to their business.

“End-users don’t necessarily know that GE is in security and this is raising brand awareness,” said Pinkert.