New Chicagoland alliance: ADS & ATS

Thursday, June 14, 2007

AURORA, Ill.--Aurora Tri-State has "downsized its fire alarm business" selling a large percentage (about 2,500) of its commercial accounts to neighbor Alarm Detection Service, and at the same time forged a new partnership with ADS.
Terms of the deal, which was in the works for about nine months, were not released. ADS completed the transaction in late spring and announced the deal in early June. The two companies are located "about three miles down the road," said Bob Lubic, ADS vice president.
Under the terms of the partnership, Aurora Tri-State, which is known as ATS, will continue to be in the fire and security business, but its accounts will be monitored by ADS. It will also continue to sell its standard products: fire extinguishers, emergency lights and engineered suppression systems, said David Prudden, president of ATS. The accounts that ATS sold to ADS were previously monitored by a third-party central, but are now being monitored by ADS. "We think their central station is the best in the business," Prudden said. The two companies will continue to work together, and "they will cross sell our standard products ... and in return we send our monitoring to them," Prudden added The customer will only receive one bill from the original contractor, however.
This way, "it's invisible to the customer that more than one vendor provides the service," Lubic said.