New leasing facilitator for integrators, end users

Sunday, March 1, 2009

WASHINGTON--Finance firm Global Security Capital Group and consultancy Civitas Group have teamed to provide leasing financing to companies looking to deploy security technologies to protect critical infrastructure and key facilities. In what Civitas president Parney Albright called a “win-win-win,” the companies will introduce a third party into a transaction between an integrator and an end user so that the integrator gets full payment for the price of an installation, but the end user gets a monthly payment plan instead of an immediate capital expenditure hit.

“It’s just like leasing a car,” said Albright.

He envisioned a regional airport looking to upgrade scanning equipment or a mid-sized chemical facility needing to meet CFATS regulations as being ideal candidates for the new offering. “This creates an environment,” he said, where it’s a lot easier to deploy security technology. The capital expenditure won’t be a major hurdle going forward.”

Albright said situations would be evaluated individually, and deals could be very large or quite modest depending on the installation. “I don’t think there are any particular bounds on this,” he said. “I can imagine even a very large firm would like to do this for a variety of reasons, especially in this economy.”