New partners for Mija

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

ROCKLAND, Mass.--Monitored fire extinguisher manufacturer MIJA has solidified two new partnerships, one with SimplexGrinnell, and a second with access control manufacturer Pacom.
Jim Rose, project manager for Mija, Inc., said the company is using Pacom's control panel and monitoring software. "It gives us a complete product line and more flexibility in terms of monitoring fire extinguishers wirelessly," he said.
It can integrate with other systems, work as a standalone and "it gives us a software package we didn't have for monitoring previously."
Mija has also partnered with SimplexGrinnell. "We've been on the road for the last three months launching [our product] with Simplex across the country," Rose said.
Brian O'Rourke, SimplexGrinnell business development manager based in Nashua, N.H., said SimplexGrinnell wanted to introduce the en-Guage product to it 130 offices across the country. "We're the largest full-service fire product company in the industry and we think this [en-Gauge] product is a good fit," complementing the company's line of fire alarm, fire suppression and fire extinguisher products.
We want to "introduce it to the field," so that employees across the country "have a comfort level with the product and the background knowledge to bring the product out to our customers," O'Rourke said.