New PERS-only central: Liberty Medical Response

Thursday, November 6, 2008

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla.--Liberty Medical Supply, a supplier of diabetes supplies, home delivery of prescription medications, and ostomy supplies, based here, on Nov. 4 announced its expansion into home health monitoring with the launch of its dealer program, and a new, fully-equipped South Portland, Maine-based central station, Liberty Medical Response.
LMR assistant vice president Barry Brannon, said the company only monitors PERS and is therefore able to offer specialized services. Brannon said that LMR dealers would offer PERS service for $34.95 a month, with service covering either a single individual or both partners in a married couple.
"My hope is to give these alarm dealers another source of revenue to generate and keep these guys alive. Not a lot of new installs going in these days," Brannon said. "And that's what I like about PERS. You're not hitting new home starts. You're hitting conservative senior citizen arenas. You don't need a truck. You don't need a tech. You don't need a ladder. The nice part about PERS is it's a three-minute install. So that, hopefully, will give 2009 a little uplift for some of these dealers, and get them to start thinking about the medical world with security. That it's an untapped market."
Liberty Medical Response also recently joined the Medical Alert Monitoring Association ( to show its support and involvement in the industry.