New vendor-neutral video monitoring group to hold convention and trade show

Convention training sessions will offer CEUs
Thursday, May 6, 2010

LANCASTER, Pa.—Following on the heels of recent video-centric Security Systems News stories about the Remote Guarding Alliance and Envysion’s hosted video summit, Security Partners has announced it has started a new video monitoring group and has planned the first installment of what’s to be an annual convention, to take place here May 18 at the Lancaster County Convention Center.

Security Partners vice president and Young Security Professionals Council vice chair Kerry Egan said the purpose of the newly formed Video Monitoring Symposium Network and its inaugural convention and trade show is to provide a binding force for the increasingly popular world of video monitoring. “We saw a real need for this … and we have a lot of response from the public and private sector. People want to do video, but they’re afraid and they need to know how,” Egan said. “The goal is just to educate the dealers on the products we’ve tested, to have vendors readily available to assist … There are individual manufacturer-offered trainings, and distributors offer crash courses on products they distribute, but there’s not really anyone out there bringing everything together.”

Egan made it clear the VMSN is not a Security Partners venture and other companies are encouraged to join and carry the torch.

The convention will feature presentations from video-centric security companies like RSI Video Technologies, 3VR, Axis Communications, Security Partners, IQinVision, VideoIQ, and Bosch Security. Industry attorney Eric Pritchard of Kleinbard Bell & Brecker will also give a presentation on legal aspects of video monitoring. The inaugural event will be moderated by Andy Stadler, director of business development at Security Partners, and Leischen Stelter, managing editor at SSN sister publication Security Director News.

Given Envysion’s July summit and the activities of the RGA, is there a need for another video monitoring coalition? Is there any chance of overlap, duplicated efforts or collaboration in common goals like standards and best practices development?

“I do not see collaboration at this point … It is a clever approach from a traditional central station to allow manufacturer’s to enter the space that the Remote Guarding Alliance is having great success in,” said Viewpoint CRM vice president channel sales & marketing and RGA board member Mike Hanlon of the VMSN. “The RGA is made up of best-in-class service providers and a few supporting technology partners. This group appears to be a central station collaborating with their technology partners and putting on a show. I have taken part in such shows and support and admire the effort. As they are a long-time ESA and CSAA alarm central station, it does not surprise me that they are taking a different approach than the Remote Guarding Alliance.”

Carlos Perez, VP of product & marketing at Envysion, agrees on some points. “My initial reaction is that both the objectives and agenda/subject matter are distinct. In that regard, likely different companies/people within them would attend or select different events,” Perez said via email. “If an output of the summit is a ‘next step’ around standards, it makes perfect sense to team up with the other group looking to do that.”

Registration for the event is ongoing and can be conducted at the VMSN’s site. Inquiries on sponsorship or exhibition can be directed to Stadler at The VMSN has joined the PBFAA and ESA as an associate member, and CEU credits will be offered for each of the courses during the convention.