Northwest fire company moves up in the world

With business growth, comes a new office for Fire Protection Inc.
Saturday, January 1, 2005

SEATTLE - After experiencing increased business over the past two years, Fire Protection Inc. has moved into a new space, three times the size of its previous location.

According to owner and President Roy Cats, the fire installation company, which serves the states of Washington and Oregon, will bring 2004 to a close with an estimated 32 percent increase in growth. That number is up from the 20 percent increase the company saw in the end of 2003.

“This year has definitely been insane,” Cats said.

The new office, which the company moved into three months ago, allows its  44 employees more space to handle its busy schedule and also has room leftover for any additional internal growth. On average, the company is adding two new employees per month, mostly technicians.

“I predict we’ll be here for the next 15 years,” Cats said.

Cats said the additional business can be attributed to the acceptance of the International Fire Code, as well as a Washington state rule that if there is a 20 percent or more change to an existing structure’s footprint, the new code must be adhered to. He said also more property owners are finding that moving into a new space may not be as cost effective as updating the fire system in a current property.

“We are finding a lot of people who want to move and find out it is cheaper to revamp the one they have,” he said.

He said 30 percent of the company’s current business is in retrofit work.

“It is a growing chunk,” Cats said. “There is not enough land anymore to build new places.”

“The location gives us a more central location to the freeway system and saves a lot on gas and time,” he said.