NSCA promotes women in the industry

Friday, August 1, 2008

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa--The National Systems Contractors Association unveiled at the InfoComm 08 show in June a new initiative to promote and support women in the industry. “There are many females in the industry who are in key positions and are helping drive the industry,” said Jeanne Stiernberg of Stiernberg Consulting, who is involved with the organization of the initiative. “The idea is to highlight that, and promote the fact that NSCA has a much more diverse face, in hopes of not only supporting the diversity that already exists in the organization, but to also reach out and encourage people to become more involved in the industry.”

Stiernberg credits NSCA president Nancy Emerson as being the “brainchild” of this initiative. During the welcome speech, Emerson said she hoped this reception would start to generate more interest and increase networking channels for women. In conjunction with the initiative, the NSCA plans to launch a listserv to promote discussion and exchange of information.

While this initiative is aimed at recognizing women and their contributions to the industry, it is not meant to be a “women’s lib” group, stressed Stiernberg. “We want to attract all different kinds of people in the industry,” she said. “Women are a major part of the mainstream and this initiative is meant to recognize and draw attention to that fact,” she said.

Plans for a similar event are in the works for NSCA TechWeek, Oct. 20-24 in Dallas.