Olympia mulls response issues

SSN Staff  - 
Sunday, December 1, 2002

OLYMPIA, Wash. - Local officials here are mulling their options, including verified response, as law enforcement and city officials try to find a solution to the false alarm problem.

Police estimate that they will have responded to more than 3,020 alarms by the end of the year, 23 of which will be valid, according to a report in The Olympian. City officials were expected to begin voting on a list of general findings about the local false alarm problem in November, while devoting the winter months to working with alarm users, non-alarm users, the alarm industry and police representatives to develop a proposed ordinance.

Voters are expected to cast ballots on the ordinance in July.

According to CSAA officials, Lee County, Fla., also intends to adopt a verified response policy.