Oracle enters security with Brivo

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

BETHESDA, Md.--Though it doesn’t change the way Brivo is delivering its Web-based access control system, the company “has improved the performance, availability and disaster recovery capabilities of its software-as-a-service platform while reducing the cost of owning, maintaining and scaling its IT infrastructure by deploying Oracle Database and Real Application Clusters with Oracle Data Guard running on Oracle Enterprise Linux, a component of the Oracle Unbreakable Linux support program.”

That may sound like a mouthful of gobbledy-gook, but it may be most notable for where it comes from: A press release put out by Oracle, which signals an interest in the physical security space and may draw attention from other IT players.

“I can tell with the responses we’ve gotten to this press release,” said Steven Van Till, Brivo president and chief executive officer. “It’s brought an entirely new crowd paying attention ... [Oracle] has seen that other big players in IT are beginning to participate-Cisco, IBM, HP have been making some noise about video-and Oracle has woken up to this market as a place that’s going to have some good play for them.”

Van Till said the security market has been largely PC-based and Microsoft-based so far, which doesn’t leave much room for Oracle’s Linux-based solution, “but we think Oracle is the best thing out there for security and stability, and the users we’re pursuing who are worried about security and stability, they will realize that Oracle is in a class by itself.” He said Brivo’s upgrade was largely for performance.

“What people did notice was an overnight improvement-something like an 83 percent faster response time, and we heard feedback almost immediately,” he said. Traffic volume has been doubling for three years running, Van Till said, and that’s affected speed. “We wanted to be back in the performance class with something like Google or Amazon.”