Personnel, new facility key to RF Logics

The company establishes a presence in the U.S. to show it’s in for the long run
Sunday, August 1, 2004

TORRANCE, Calif. - RF Logics is ramping up its business in the U.S. security market, recently hiring an industry veteran to run the access control company along with moving into a larger facility.

Joseph Maskrey, the former president of InfoGraphic Systems, has been tapped to head RF Logics, a company whose products have South Korean origins. Maskrey joined the company in March of this year and has been charged with bringing RF Logics’ proximity, smart cards and biometric readers, to North America.

“Typically you have people who do RFID stuff or smart card stuff or they do fingerprint or facial recognition,” said Maskrey. “But nobody does it all.”

Though RF Logics began a few years ago as a branch of its South Korean parent company, the addition of Maskrey, a number of other key personnel, and its new facility here are part of a new initiative.

The company plans to market its cards and readers to the access control manufacturer, but will also make its products available to large scale systems integrators.

Plans call for the company to achieve $11 million in sales by the end of 2005. Its 7,000-square-foot facility here enables RF Logics to offer a quick turnaround on small card orders, while it will look to Korea to ship larger orders for cards.

“This allows us to put our card production line in so we can respond quick delivery and custom card orders,” said Robert Schorr, vice president of marketing and communications for RF Logics.

Having a presence in the United States is also important since it lets customers know the company is in it for the long-haul, said Maskrey.

“A lot of people have the notion that foreign companies come up with wiz bangs and then they disappear,” said Maskrey. “You have to give confidence to the customer that you’re going to be here a long time.”