Physical, cyber team-up with personal security

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

WASHINGTON - Computer Sciences Corp. has designed integrated physical security systems for years, but for the first time the company is bringing that service together with cyber and personal security to form a new organization.

That new group, known as Global Security Solutions, will offer an integrated portfolio of security services and take into account physical, cyber and personal security when evaluating security threats and planning a comprehensive security system. It also signifies the company’s plans to focus more of its attention on the physical security market.

“The Department of Homeland Security is really driving an agenda that is integrated where you can’t have silos of security domains,” said Chris Steinback, vice president of Global Security Solutions, the new organization. “It demands that you look at things from all solutions.”

The idea to start Global Security Solutions first originated in March of 2003, after CSC bought DynCorp, an information security and outsourcing firm focused on the defense, security and civil market. While IT service company CSC had been offering multiple security services for more than 12 years, the company had yet to unite those efforts with the IT side.

“For corporations or for federal agencies to understand their risk posture, they can’t look at it one posture at a time,” said Tim Sheahan, president of Computer Science Corp.’s enforcement security and intelligence division.

CSC’s Global Security Solutions group now includes a team of 1,000 people across the country. Of that, 80 people, mostly based out of Washington, D.C. focus on the physical security market online.

While Global Security Solutions provides the analysis, evaluation, planning and design of a physical security system, it partners with other systems integrators to pull cable and install the actual security system.