Platinum VoIP partnership intended to help ease sales process

Hook up with Ooma delivers cheap phone service with security
Thursday, August 19, 2010

AMERICAN FORK, Utah—Platinum Protection executives say a new partnership, announced Aug. 17, with VoIP phone service provider Ooma will give its sales reps a valuable selling point: Savings from the phone service can potentially offset the cost of a new security system.

Platinum sales reps will begin offering Ooma’s VoIP phone service at a discounted price to home security customers immediately.

“For someone who’s paying $40, $50 or $60 for a landline, here’s a solution where they get better phone service, they can keep the same number and they can have a security system—all for the same price they’re currently paying for the landline,” said Chance Allred, partner in Platinum Protection.

Ooma offers an electronic device that hooks up to an existing high-speed internet connection and existing phone to provide free calling in the U.S., with add-on services such as Google Voice Extensions, PureVoice Technology, and Mobile Calling Application.

Platinum is offering Ooma’s Hub for home phone service for $200, a $49 savings off the online cost. The only additional cost are local taxes and fees, which run around $3.50 per month.

“Ooma fully supports the installation, warranty, and service of the system. And there’s a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If a customer doesn’t like Ooma, they can get a 100-percent refund,” Allred said.

The Platinum executive team and regional managers tested the Ooma systems in their homes for the past six months.

“Everyone who used it said it’s better than the standard landline,” Allred said.

Platinum executives just returned from a managers conference where regional managers were trained on the Ooma product. Those managers have since returned to local offices and are in the process of training sales reps.

While the summer season is winding down, Platinum’s extended season goes through the middle of October. Allred is optimistic the service will take off with Platinum customers “as more sales reps are trained on it and more customers use it and like it and the word gets out.”