Plymouth hosts first spinkler demo

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
Plymouth, Mass.--In what is expected to be the first of many live sprinkler demonstrations, fire officials on May 27 staged a demonstration of how quickly homes will burn with and without sprinkler systems.
Two “living rooms” were constructed and then set on fire. The Plymouth Fire Department put out the fire. “It took the unsprinklered room only a minute and a half to be totally engulfed in flames,” said Lorraine Carli, VP communications for NFPA. “In the sprinklered room, you   could go in and sit down on the couch after the fire.”
The demonstration, the first of many across the country, is part of a public awareness and advocacy awareness campaign by NFPA and the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition. The goal, said Carli, is to get jurisdictions to adopt codes that require sprinklers to be installed in new one- and two-family homes. 
The NFPA has kits available for fire departments that would like to do similar demonstrations. Kits include instructions and materials to build the two “rooms.”