Proximex partner program

PSIM maker teams, too, with NEC for fault-tolerance
Friday, February 1, 2008

SUNNYVALE, Calif.--Proximex, a developer of physical security information management software, announced in December the launch of its Strategic Partner Program, which includes Bosch, Hirsch, Lenel, March Networks, NICE, Object Video, Pelco, Software House, Sony, Verint and Vidient, among others. Further, it has developed a partnership with IT firm NEC to target mission-critical organizations who need assurance that IT-based physical security systems are fault-tolerant and reliable around the clock.
Both announcements get at Proximex chief executive officer Jack Smith's goal of "putting disparate solutions together for the benefit of the end user."
Smith, who most notably co-founded Hotmail, said an open architecture and ability to integrate with just about any security system piece is one of Proximex's primary selling points, "but some products are better to integrate with than others, that's for sure" (search "Jack Smith" at for a full interview). Strategic partners will be able to bundle their product and service offerings with all or select features of Proximex's Surveillint software, which is designed to "discover, connect and resolve seemingly unrelated events as well as handle constant data transactions in the busiest surveillance environments."
Surveillint will also now be offered with NEC's fault-tolerant servers and ExpressCluster software, which are designed to provide constant availability and data protection, including disaster recovery solutions. NEC claims to offer 100 percent component and functional redundancy or up to 99.999 percent availability.
Christian McMillan, NEC director of business development, said his company has similar deals with Hirsch, Lenel and AMAG, among others, as part of its Express Cluster partner program, which brings to security systems its software, which allows any two servers to be connected over a WAN or locally and mirror each other. McMillan said he targeted Proximex for the program because many of "the customers they have need this type of high availability ... If there's a disaster in one part of the airport, all the information contained on the servers there remains available."