PSA-TEC highlights new opportunities

Monday, June 1, 2009

ST. CHARLES, Ill.--Here at PSA-TEC, the annual show put on by PSA Security focused on integrator education, emphasis was continually on the new and different. Not only did PSA do away with its annual awards dinner in favor of an awards luncheon (much quicker), but the booths generating the most interest on the exhibit floor were those run by companies relatively new to the market.

CelAccess has been working the market for about a year, with a cellular-based access control system you can control from anywhere. It’s all Web-based, with no software necessary. The company sells hardware, as well, though they’ll integrate with other hardware and OEM depending on the opportunity. Plus, integrators can white label the Web interface that end users see, so there is also the opportunity to resell the wireless access control as a service.

Cel’s pitch is cost, too, as you can install one wirelessly controlled access control device for about $1500, instead of having to install a panel, etc., for one door or one gate. Plus, the company manages all the cellular service stuff for you, buying the service in bulk and managing the cell contracts.

PDS, the 11th largest PC manufacturer in the country, was working its first security exhibition. The company does about $150 million in revenue, and in November they bought a company called Vision Controls, a DVR manufacturer. With the purchase, PDS is now looking to be an IT systems builder for the security industry, providing servers and storage. The company has partnered with NUUO, as well, to provide NVR software.

Illuminar is a brand-new IR illuminator manufacturer based out of Texas. Owned by Eddie Reynolds, the company purports to not only be a strong niche player, but also one of the few companies in the industry owned by a minority woman. The company sources its products out of Russia and the UK.

Aboundi garnered a bit of notice with its van, driven all the way from its Nashua, N.H., headquarters, and parked on the show floor (a smaller companion to the ubiquitous Pelco vehicle). The company focuses on products that allow installers to run IP communications over AC wiring, solving the distance problems that many installers run into using Cat-5 or Cat-6 cabling. According to Hong Yu, the CEO and president, they create “one big happy family of LAN all running on AC.” The company recently bought WebEyeAlert, and so also offers Web-based video management software.