Ranger American of Houston changes name, expands to Little Rock

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HOUSTON--To reflect its growth beyond the home security industry and to consolidate its brand, Ranger American of Houston announced March 4 it is changing its name to ConnectOne.

Ranger, based here, is the largest ADT authorized dealer in Texas, with 200 full-time employees. It has installed security services in more than "200,000 new homes."

Ranger American of Houston is not affiliated with the Ranger American that was purchased by Guardian Protection in 2007. The two companies split more than 20 years ago.

Wayne Hayes, CEO and founder of Ranger American of Houston, started the alarm business for Ranger American in the early 1970s and served as its CEO and president until 1980. "I sold my interest in Ranger American in 1980 and bought the Houston operation," Hayes told Security Systems News.

Hayes is licensed to use the Ranger American of Houston name in 100 counties around Houston. When it opened operations outside of the Houston market, specifically San Antonio (September 2008) and Phoenix (February 2009), the company used the name ConnectOne. ConnectOne opens operations in Little Rock, Ark. and Austin, Texas, next month.

The company has had success with the ConnectOne name, which Hayes said is more representative of all of the services offered by the company. "We decided it made sense to be consistent in all markets and use one name," he said.

ConnectOne's core business will remain security monitoring, yet its commercial, multi-housing and new technology divisions of the company will be focused on for significant growth, Hayes said. The company is also hiring talent "who can help ConnectOne expand in new markets and prosper."

In addition to the core residential business, ConnectOne offers commercial telephone cabling and data, commercial fire and sprinkler, commercial water management products and services; controlled access; and video and Web interactive systems. It also provides "consulting services to home builders and consumers for home media, lighting, vacuum and sound systems, electric utility services and monitoring services."