RFID users find resource in newly-formed alliance

SSN Staff  - 
Thursday, September 4, 2008

SAUSALITO, CALIF.--Concerns about security and privacy issues regarding the use of RFID technology led to the Sept. 2 formation of the RFID Security Alliance (RFIDSA), which will serve as a resource for companies utilizing RFID technology.
"Founding members of the RFID Security Alliance all share a common vision of implementing RFID applications with the appropriate level of security and privacy, balancing risk and cost," says Mike Ahmadi, chairman of the RFIDSA and chief operating officer of GraniteKey, in a prepared statement. "We want others to realize that security and privacy are functions that can successfully be part of an RFID solution, and that should be considered during the design process, not after."
Among several listed goals, the RFIDSA intends to develop metrics to establish common terminology regarding security robustness, create educational opportunities to inform users about RFID applications and technologies, and encourage the adoption of RFID in various industries.