The Right Response

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Security system alarm ends Commercial robbery attempt
DOVER, Del. - After dealing with a number of break-ins over a six-month period, the Battery Warehouse of Dover enlisted the services of Sonitrol of Delaware. Shortly thereafter, Sonitrol received a verified audio impact-activated alarm from the battery retailer.

On May 30, Carmen Roque, a Sonitrol operator, notified Dover City Police Dispatch. Roque told the police that she heard banging noises at the location and what sounded like a metal pipe being dropped.

At the same time the customer was alerted of the disturbance and informed to meet the police at the business, the responding officers first discovered a broken window and later the perpetrator inside the store.

Realizing that the police were present, the intruder attempted to flee with stolen batteries. But, the police apprehended the individual after a short chase.

According to media reports, the police arrested a local teenager and charged the individual.

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