S2 launches S2 Global

Monday, July 23, 2012

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.—Network-based integrated security system provider S2 Security on July 17 launched its S2 Global product. Designed for customers with multiple dispersed facilities, S2 Global connects multiple devices in security management systems and video management systems.

S2 Global unites those appliances “under one centrally controlled distributed network, while retaining many of the principles that S2 pioneered, including an appliance-based architecture and Web browser delivery,” according to the company.

Large-scale integrated systems have been around for sometime, but “they’re usually extremely expensive … hard to install and hard to keep working. We’ve blown the lid off that,” John Moss, S2 Security president and CEO, told Security Systems News.

S2 Global will work for a large enterprise, “but you don’t need to be a giant, multimillion-dollar company to deploy it,” Moss said. He cited a school, state government or military facility as examples of possible applications. The solution gives geographically dispersed customers more efficiency and flexibility, he said.

The company lists the following features: SMS access control database that can be managed centrally or remotely; automatic import from common HR systems; ability to scale to thousands of locations; Security Operations Center alarm management software handles multiple simultaneous operators; immediate access to data at remote sites; integration with S2 NetVR and NetBox VR for distributed VMS management; and unique reporting features that aggregate activity from remote devices and deliver reports via email.

The first unit is scheduled to be installed by the end of July.