Security Networks teams up with NASA Security

Saturday, November 1, 2008

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.--Full-service life-safety and security monitoring company Security Networks made the announcement here Sept. 15 that it has acquired assets totaling about $50,000 of RMR from NASA Security.

As part of the deal, NASA will also join the Security Networks Affiliate program and will market and install Security Networks products and services, while Security Networks will assume the monitoring duties and warranty fulfillment on the accounts.

While the exact mix of accounts was not disclosed, Rich Perry, president and CEO of Security Networks, said, “there was a strong percentage of both commercial and residential ... we created a partnership with NASA because of their long history in their markets. They are a market leader in the Keys.”

Does the acquisition increase Security Networks’ market penetration? “It was a good marriage,” Perry said. “We have a strong presence in Southern Florida, and they have a strong presence in the Keys, particularly in commercial.”

In a prepared statement, Jim Kimes, owner of NASA, said, “We looked at proposals from several companies but chose Security Networks because they share our commitment of providing quality service to our customers.” Kimes also noted that NASA was not ready to quit the security industry, and that the deal with Security Networks gave NASA the freedom and liquidity they needed to continue to serve the market.