Security Systems News’ NewsPoll finds security professionals prefer President Bush

Thursday, October 28, 2004

October 28, 2004
NewsPoll finds security professionals prefer President Bush

YARMOUTH, Maine. - Based on the responses of Security Systems News’ NewsPoll on which presidential candidate would do more to assist with the growth of the security sector, President George W. Bush can expect strong support from the members of the industry on Election Day.
Of the 113 that participated, 88 percent said they believe President Bush would do more to support the growth of the industry in the United States than U.S. Sen. John F. Kerry, who received 12 percent of the vote.
The NewsPoll also asked which candidate would do more to support the growth of their security business. Again, President Bush obtained more votes than Senator Kerry, with 84 percent voting for the incumbent.
Participants of the poll were asked to comment on how the outcome of the election would affect their business and the overall security market. The responses were just as polarized as the entire country in this political season.
“If Kerry is elected and repeals the tax credits, than my small business will be significantly impacted,” said Craig Schamburg, owner of Affiliated Services, Inc. “He needs to leave small business alone!”
Overall, pro-Kerry comments were few and far between.
“As a small business owner, it would be a shame to re-select George Bush,” according to Connie Moorhead, president at The CMOOR Group. “Kerry has the only solid path to keep not only America safe but get funds to first responders, utilize Homeland Security effectively and make sure our economy gets back on track,” she said.
Personnel such as owners, presidents, vice presidents and general managers were the dominant participants in the poll, amounting to 55 percent of the total respondents.
These individuals overwhelmingly supported President Bush in both question categories. When asked who would better support the growth of the security industry, 92 percent said President Bush. For the second question, 90 percent said President Bush is better suited to endorse the development of security businesses.
Security Systems News distributes a monthly poll to its NewsWire subscribers. The results are calculated and published in graph form in the DataBank section of each issue. Results from this news poll will be available in the December issue.