SecurityNet to expand its web

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Looking to expand beyond the boundaries of North America, SecurityNet has begun a campaign to recruit systems integrators from South America, Europe and Asia.

Several companies from those regions have already applied to join SecurityNet since it began its recruitment efforts late last year. The organization is currently made up of 16 systems integrators throughout North America who work together on projects and share best practices.

SecurityNet members began talking about expanding its reach as it recognized that many of its global customers could use its security services outside the area of North America. But the challenge became finding a way to service those customers on a continuous basis.

"More and more of us have global customers and they are asking us to help them," said Jim Coleman, president of SecurityNet, whose systems integration firm, Operational Security Systems, is a member. How do you provide that local presence if that local presence is in the Pacific Rim or South America?”

The solution, according to Ray Dean, who works on membership for SecurityNet and is president of systems integration firm PEI, was to look beyond the organization’s traditional boarders.

“We need to be able to service them in all the markets globally and as a result of that we need to extend our reach,” said Dean.

While SecurityNet will bring onboard international members to serve global customers, members in North America will also have their hand in projects to ensure consistency when it comes to installations and service. Dean expects either an engineer or project manager from North America will join international projects to ensure the installation process is the same overseas as it is here.

When it comes to finding new partners, SecurityNet will not be starting from scratch. Some of the applicants to join SecurityNet have worked with its members for several years, while other contacts were developed at conferences and trade shows.

During ISC West in Las Vegas in April, current members of SecurityNet will meet with the international companies that have applied to join the organization. To qualify, companies must be financially sound and make an investment in the group.