Select Security finishes school district fire project

Monday, September 1, 2008

LANCASTER, Pa.--Select Security is expecting to complete by the end of July the conversion and upgrade of fire and security systems in 22 school facilities, including 13 schools and nine administrative buildings.

The contract, signed in late May, included $80,000 for installation and $300,000 in billable revenue over the next five years. Work began on June 9 after school got out. “We had a very aggressive schedule getting all the schools on line by June 30,” said Pat Egan, CEO of Select Security.

The security portion of the project involved installing Internet monitoring using Honeywell’s Vista 128 commercial security panels. Egan tied the security system into an existing Andover access control system.

Previously, alerts from the access control system were sent to the school district office, “now that signal is transmitted to [Select Security’s central station, using the MAS system], it’s sent to the school district’s appropriate person,” Egan said.

That person can log onto the Internet and see the alert to determine what action to take. “It’s pretty complex and pretty cool,” Egan said.

The project also involved replacing an array of legacy fire systems and installing Honeywell’s 9600 addressable system in all of the schools. “They wanted to standardize,” Egan explained.

“It’s a five-year contract for inspection, maintenance and testing. It’s a big deal for us,” Egan said.