Sharpening its focus

Everfocus merges with Security Rep, sets up shop in New York to serve East Coast customers
Tuesday, March 1, 2005

BRENTWOOD, N.Y. - Everfocus Electronics merged with Security Rep in January, formerly a manufacturer’s representative for the company, and has taken over its New York office as it looks for larger office space.

Everfocus has had a relationship with Security Rep since the 1990s, when the company was brought on board to promote the camera manufacturer’s products as it moved into the United States.

“Even from eight years ago, it was never a traditional manufacturer rep relationship,” said Joe Troiano, formerly with Security Rep and now the regional sales director for the East Coast for Everfocus. “I always felt that I was part of the company and this made it official.”

Now, because of the deal Security Rep’s previous 1,300-square-foot office space is the first location for Everfocus in the eastern United States. The company’s other U.S. office is located in San Marino, Calif. The financial details of the deal were not released.

The current New York locale is only temporary as the company looks for a larger space to accommodate a warehouse. The company is looking for an office between 8,000 and 10,000 square feet. Regardless of the size, the drive behind the new office is customer satisfaction.

“I feel it’s going to help support our East Coast customer base,” he said. ‘Instead of waiting a week for their merchandise, it will only be two days away, which helps their business.”

Troiano said he expects the company to find space by April 1.

The company also has plans to increase the workforce at the location - it currently accounts for six employees there - within the next year. Throughout the United States, Everfocus employs approximately 50.

Troiano said the company will continue to focus on increasing its market penetration by focusing on keeping quality high and prices low on its products.

“We develop affordable quality equipment,” Troiano said. “The name has come a long way from the beginning, but we still provide our affordable solution.”