SIA delivers first OSIPS standard for video

Thursday, March 27, 2008

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--The Security Industry Association announced on March 21 the release of the first deliverable standard from its Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) body of standards. The new standard, DVI-01: Digital Video Interface Data Model, gained American National Standard (ANSI) approval in February, according to Monica Rigano, director of standards for SIA. "This video standard focuses on any kind of integration and interoperability with a video component," she said. "In a video environment, questions of how to request clips and how to leverage common messaging arose, and the standard gets into more detail when defining the message structure for video components."
Rigano said the standard largely impacts manufacturers, but that there is certainly "an interest from integrators out there that have to do system integration-type activities," she said. "They have an interest in this as well because of the commonality that's been identified in this standard, which enables them to integrate systems."
This video standard has been in the works for about three years, said Rigano. "This is the first of many [standards] in the pipe right now," said Rigano. "It's no wonder video was the first pushed out so quickly because of the interest in that arena."
Rigano couldn't speculate about the adoption of the standard in the industry, but said there was certainly a significant "interest in the area."
The OSIPS standards body has about five or six more draft documents also in the works, she said, and the standards body has been in operation for about four years. Participation in the standards body is open to anyone in the industry.