SIA releases foundational document for its OSIPS standards

Thursday, August 28, 2008

ALEXANDRIA, Va.--The Security Industry Association on Aug. 25 released its foundational document, ANSI/SIA OSIPS-01:2008 SIA OSIPS - Framework,which defines the language and communication standards for its Open Systems Integration and Performance Standards (OSIPS) family of standards.
"We set out six or seven years ago to develop a family of standards that would enable the easy integration of basically, at least conceptually, products, components and software," said Hunter Knight, chair of Standards Pan Industry Data Model Subcommittee and the president of Integrated Command Software. "It was a lofty goal, but a very serious enterprise.
"We realized early on that the ... structure of information had to be common across many components if the information was going to work," Knight said. "Framework is a common language for the exchange of information between security components."
Framework provides definitions for interface infrastructure requirements and special interfaces for shared activities, such as event reporting, schedules exchange and other common elements.
The framework document is the overarching parent of the OSIPS family of standards. It is intended for use by manufacturers of security systems and components to ensure equipment interoperability. Knight said that he expects manufacturers and others will begin adopting the framework document since it is a foundational requirement for future OSIPS standards.