Small town firm moves into big city territory

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

MADISON, Miss. - Opportunity and growth are hot topics with Jimmy McClellan, owner of Security Services, as he witnesses operations at his business’ second location flourish.

So far results have been beyond expectations - even though the site only opened earlier this year.

“I had my best month I’d ever had last month,” McClellan said.

The new location in Madison is situated in a heavily populated, metropolitan area of 400,000 in comparison to the company’s original location in Cleveland, Miss. Since the company’s inception three years ago in the town of 15,000, it has become accustomed to the stereotypical small town life. And, it has operated as a traditional small security business, serving approximately 1,500 customers.

But that outlook on business was bound to change due to a slight window of opportunity. McClellan received information that residents in the Madison area were not being sufficiently serviced in the security sector.

“I talked to my territorial manager and he knew of some dealers in that area who were not performing the way they were supposed to,” he said. “I see it as an area of great opportunity and great growth.”

Although the company has jumped into the larger arena, McClellan admitted he is not accustomed to playing at this level.

“This is a much larger area than what I am used to and it’s taking me a little while to crack that shell, to break into new territory,” he said.

The 11-person staff at the Madison branch will help take some of the burden off McClellan, who continues to oversee the operations of both locations. The majority of the staff has previous experience in the industry and some of the recently acquired technicians are certified to work at the commercial level, an area of business the company is just beginning to secure projects in.

“We probably do 10 percent to 15 percent light commercial,” McClellan said of his current business. “We’ve just started this new commercial side, but we’re looking forward to moving into it heavily.”

Some recent commercial projects for the company included an access control system for a local emergency operation center, and a mix of cameras and security controls for the Rainbow Emergency Shelter.

Regardless of the obvious profits in the commercial sector, McClellan does not overlook the fact that his business started in the residential security sector.

“I’ll never quit my residential,” he said. “I really enjoy securing property. I know I save lives. I know I save property.”