SNA's Executive IT Conference co-locates with TechSec

Thursday, November 20, 2008

DALLAS--This city of tall hats and long horns will now play host to two IT-focused physical security conferences in February, now that the Security Network of America has announced it will co-locate its Executive IT Conference with TechSec Solutions, a two-day conference focused on the impact of IP technology on the physical security marketplace.
The SNA, a coalition of independent integrators with central station monitoring capabilities that includes Per Mar Security, Bay Alarm, American Alarm, and 30 other companies across the United States, created this new conference for its companies' CEOs, CFOs, and, notably, CIOs. It is, said managing director David Carter, geared toward "making sure our guys aren't missing opportunities" in the world of security convergence.
Carter had attended TechSec Solutions in the past, and "it just seemed logical for our group to tag along with that conference" as they're "trying to figure out what convergence means to us." SNA will hold its event Feb. 23, before TechSec's events get started Feb. 24 and 25, at the Fairmont Hotel in Dallas.
The organizers of TechSec Solutions--Security Systems News and Security Director News, both owned by United Publications--welcome SNA and other integrators and end users who are looking to be part of the new discussion surrounding network-based physical security. After five years exploring IP-ready security solutions, TechSec offers a chance to both gain knowledge and network with those who already have it.
"In the past 18 months," said Carter, "our companies internally have been much more focused on bringing in higher-level IT knowledge-base personnel. Absolutely."