Speco gets on the Mac bandwagon with DVRs

Wednesday, July 1, 2009
AMITYVILLE, N.Y.--Due to demand from customers and an increasing marketshare on behalf of Apple Computers, Speco Technologies is the newest manufacturer to embrace the Macintosh. All of its T Series DVRs are now Mac compatible, thanks to a new Java application that is free for download from the Speco Web site. 
Exacq DVRs, for example, are also Mac compatible using an Mac client.
“We created a Java applet,” said Gary Perlin, Speco’s vice president of product marketing for video security. “It’s a very fast download. You just throw it on the desktop, double click it, and put in the address of the DVR, and it gives you full viewing and playback capabilities.” You can’t configure the DVR using the applet, he noted, but “it’s desirable to keep the end users out of the configuration anyway, so that fits the bill for what most people are looking for.”
You can also run the program from a USB flash drive.
“PCs do rule the industry,” Perlin said, “but more and more Macs are going out there. We’re constantly asked about Macs.”
Perlin estimated the Mac solution would work for “95 percent” of the DVRs Speco sells and, better yet, has sold. “It’s a reason to go back and talk to the customer again,” Perlin noted. “Normally, these are people who have professional DVRs in their facilities, and they go home and they have a Mac and they want to be able to log into the DVR. Now they can.”