Strength in numbers

Tuesday, June 1, 2004

LAS VEGAS - Four systems integration firms sharing common ownership have come together to offer photo identification, camera and other security services as a single entity.

The reorganization involved bringing Affinity Business Systems, Authentic Data Solutions, Intelacard and Superior Data Systems together to form Rockwest Technology Group. The $10 million a year company operates six locations on the West Coast - Denver; Albuquerque; Tempe, Ariz.; El Paso, Texas; and Los Angeles, with headquarters in Las Vegas.

“It makes sense for us because it’s four companies that are primarily doing the same thing in multiple states,” said Hugo Garcia, vice president of Rockwest Technology’s professional services division and formerly president of Intelacard in Los Angeles. “One is to take advantage of economies of scale. It doesn’t make sense to have four warehouses or four accounting systems.”

The owners of the four companies were Data-Card employees who struck out on their own about six years ago when Datacard sold its direct sales locations. After several years of each location working independently - all offered photo identification services but only some installed camera systems - company officials felt it was time to combine resources and tap into each other’s expertise.

“For example, Los Angeles was the only company offering access control and CCTV,” said George Levy, chairman and chief executive officer of the combined company. “Within a few months, all territories will be offering all products.”

As part of the reorganization, each owner is focusing their efforts on a specific area. While Garcia oversees service-related activities, Stan McKinney is head of marketing and distribution efforts and Matt McDaniel is in charge of group sales.

Now that each location is working together and streamlining operations under the Rockwest Technology name, Levy expects the company will double sales within the next five years. The company currently employs 50 people.

Some of that growth is expected to come from not only the roll out of CCTV systems company-wide, but the also company delving into the RFID market to help businesses keep track of assets.

“We feel the identification area is growing and by offering the three legs of the stool, the product lines are essentially becoming integrated,” said Levy. “Customers want to talk to one company about identifying their people, their workplace and their assets.”