SureView, VideoIQ integrate Immix/iCVR solution for cost savings

Thursday, June 18, 2009

TAMPA, Fla. and BEDFORD and BURLINGTON, Mass.—SureView Systems on June 15 announced the successful integration of VideoIQ’s iCVR—an intelligent IP surveillance camera with a built-in DVR—into Immix, SureView’s automation software platform. According to SureView EVP sales Matt Krebs, the integration means more efficient functioning of central station operators and more timely response to alarms.

“Partnering with VideoIQ enables us to offer a real-time solution for detection and transmission to a central station that allows operators to handle events as they’re happening,” Krebs said. “Analytics are becoming much more reliable—they’re a stable technology now—and the marketplace is demanding new, cutting-edge detection methods … Video analytics raises the bar and establishes a new standard of how external security is handled in a CCTV environment, especially as it relates to monitoring in a central station.”

VideoIQ CEO Scott Schnell feels the Immix platform was the perfect fit for the iCVR camera and that the integration will add value through an attractive total cost of ownership. “SureView enables central stations to use iCVR for monitoring of remote sites of all types. The product is a purpose-built, head-end software product that integrates many different types of cameras and other sensors. By integrating iCVR into that platform they can now monitor customers who have heterogeneous equipment installs,” Schnell said. “I think for SureView, and central stations who use SureView, what it brings is a very smart, accurate sensor that delivers monitoring organizations very reliable alerts and very low false alarm rates. And that’s critical for them to make a good, profitable business out of their RMR streams.”

Jerry Cordasco, VP operations for G4S’ Burlington, Mass.-based, video-focused monitoring and data center, sees immense benefit in the SureView/VideoIQ integration. “We intend to have our central station UL-listed, which is kind of unusual for a monitoring center doing video because UL doesn’t really have any criteria for video. Having UL certification for our central station says we’re willing to go the extra mile in terms of the facility and the operators. That said, SureView was really the only way for us to go because they are a very video-centric automation platform that has UL-listing,” Cordasco said. “The second piece of this is that we do not believe the traditional paradigm of video—whether it’s at a customer site or remote—works. Either you record everything and then look at it after it happens, or you have someone sitting there looking at a wall of monitors … we have really come to believe in analytics as the long term solution … VideoIQ is the one company that we believe had very stable analytics that really worked, that was easy to configure, and that, when you bundled it in with the camera—which is really an IP camera, a DVR and video analytics all in one—was a very cost-effective approach.”