TBFAA helps out alarm company employees affected by flood

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—More than 15 inches of rain fell over the course of 24 hours May 1 and 2, causing unprecedented flooding that took area residents and businesses by surprise. Among those affected by the flooding are employees of local alarm companies. “A lot of member companies’ employees were affected,” said Larry Brooks, president-elect of the TBFAA, who does sales for ADS Security in Nashville. “A good handful, that lost everything; their houses were totally wiped out,”

The TBFAA is helping these people out with financial assistance from its Benevolence Fund.

“Flood waters like this don’t occur around here,” Brooks said. The Cumberland River was 54 feet above the flood mark, and First Avenue in downtown Nashville was underwater. “The Country Music Hall of Fame and the Hilton downtown had significant water,” he said.

“The Harpeth River was the river that affected a lot of areas and subdivisions in Middle Tennessee because it’s long and winds around a lot of areas,” Brooks said.

Joe Duncan, Jr. of Duncan Security Systems Inc., which is located in the Bellevue section of Nashville said he and his employees faired okay in the flood, though his sister and a close friend both lost their homes in the flood. While his office is located on a hill, “one block down the street was underwater for two days.”

One week before the flood he’d installed an alarm system for a residential customer one mile away from the office: “It’s next to a creek, Richling Creek that flooded and just took the house away.”

To see the extent of the damage, watch this video:

Many area homes and businesses “had water in their cellars up to the floor joists. So while they didn’t see the total devastation of those who lost their homes, they saw an awful lot of damage of stored items,” Duncan said.

Duncan said the national media has not shown the extent of the damage in the area, and said he’d received calls from people outside of Tennessee who had no idea that the floods had occurred.

To donate money to help those in need, the TBFAA is asking that checks made out to TBFAA and sent to: PO Box 150062, Nashville, TN 37215.

The TBFAA asks donors to write “Benevolence Fund Donation” in the memo line, and to call TBFAA executive director, Penny Brooks, at (615) 791-9590 to let her know your donation is coming so the chapter can disburse the funds to those who need it as soon as possible.

Here’s an appeal from Kenny Chesney: