TechSec to stream keynoter Frank Yeh live

Organizers employ IP technology the conference is based on to spread message to the world
Thursday, January 7, 2010

DELRAY BEACH, Fla.—When keynoter Frank Yeh takes the stage to kick off the TechSec Solutions Conference here at 8 a.m. on Feb. 1, it won’t just be those who paid the price of admission who’ll have the opportunity to hear his thoughts on the bleeding edge technologies that will soon be affecting the physical security industry. TechSec Solutions will be streaming his keynote address live for all to see and hear through the conference web site,

“For six years, the conference has been talking about the great promise of moving video around via TCP/IP protocol,” said L. Samuel Pfeifle, editorial director of TechSec Solutions, quoting himself. “It’s time we take advantage of some of that technology to show the kinds of industry-leading ideas that are being generated by the conference speakers and attendees.”

Yeh, privacy and security architect at IBM, is a fitting candidate to present the keynote address. Two years ago, at TechSec 4, keynoter David Bunzel stressed the importance of IP-based standards to the growth of the security industry. And from that speech and meetings conducted at TechSec, the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance was born, what is now a leading voice for standards development in security. Yeh has been an architect with the PSIA as well, helping to craft the organization’s first two specifications, which govern device discovery and the recording of IP video. He’s also a reviewer for the Trusted Computing Group’s Trusted Network Connect workgroup and the IETF’s Network Endpoint Assessment workgroup, along with being an author, patent holder, and member of the IBM Virtual Universe Community.

At TechSec he’ll look at hot, nascent trends on the horizon—virtualization, virtual worlds and augmented reality, cloud computing, and data correlation—and discuss the ways in which they’re likely to affect how we delivery security.

“The typical information maturity cycle starts with standardization,” he said, “which creates a quantum increase in data points and incoming information, followed by aggregation, which normalizes and provides access to this massive volume of data, followed by correlation which derives information and insight from the aggregated data.” Our abilities to use that data will be very much enhanced by new standards of moving that data around and collecting and analyzing it.

Those who’d like to hear more from Yeh can watch online or attend TechSec Solutions, Feb. 1 and 2 at the Delray Beach Marriott here, where there will also be panel discussions featuring the leading voices on video analytics and PSIM technology, seminars on lighting for IP video and how to select IP cameras, and an in-depth discussion of the dangers to IP infrastructure of electronic pulse weapons, along with much more.

For the full educational program and registration information, visit The event is organized by United Publications, publishers of Security Systems News and Security Director News, and sponsored by Axis Communications.