Tyco suppression unites

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LAS VEGAS--Up front at the June 2-5 National Fire Protection Association World Safety Conference and Exposition was the Tyco Fire & Building Products booth. Colleen Repplier, the new president of this newly created Tyco business unit (a combination of the chemical and water suppression groups), spoke to Security Systems News about the ongoing process of combining the two companies.

“We’re six months into a two-year process,” she said. “Economies of scale and knowledge” that occur as a result of combining distribution and R&D operations will contribute to the success of the initiative, she said.

After a briefing on the business with Repplier and Dave Pelton, director, global marketing & communications, we saw a demonstration of the new Ansul aquasonic water atomizing fire suppression system.

The system uses a water atomizing nozzle, “supersonic technology,” to break water and nitrogen into “trillions of smaller droplets that are uniform in size. As the droplets reach their target, they extract heat from the fire and suppress it.”

The system uses less water than a standard suppression system to put out fires. It can, for example, atomize three gallons of water, which will be enough atomized water to cover 88,800 square feet, the equivalent of an Olympic-sized soccer field, in one minute.

It is intended for use in industrial, commercial, and institutional special-hazard environments.