Vector Security unveils interactive alarm system

Saturday, October 1, 2005

PITTSBURGH--After three years of research and three months of beta testing, Vector Security in August began what it believes to be the largest roll out of a highly interactive alarm system.
Called, the product enables customers to interact with their alarm system remotely using the Internet. The system is VoIP compatible and does not require phone lines.
The system can be used by parent to keep track of children who are at home unsupervised or to check on senior citizens who live alone.
It enables parents to receive an email at work, for example, when a child disarms a home alarm.
The parent can arm or disarm the system from anywhere, at any time, using the Internet, as well.
The status of other home components--such as a wine cabinet or a pool shed--can be checked via this system. includes a 90-day activity history, and company officials believe it will be useful for small-business owners as well.
The demand for this kind of product stems from customers' increasing ease interacting with technology, including their alarm systems.
Vector's new product offers the real-time notification and flexibility people want today, Tom Rogers, senior vice president, said. "Passive devices in the home have become active. This gives the whole security industry a reason to invest in this kind of technology."
The Web site portal was well received in the markets where it was beta-tested for 90 days, Rogers said. Vector is rolling out the product to its 24 branches.
Vector security had gross receipts last year of $120 million. It serves 150,000 customers in seven Mid-Atlantic states. Sixty-five percent of customers are residential, 35 percent, commercial.