VID project launched

SSN Staff  - 
Saturday, December 1, 2007

QUINCY, Mass.--A new research project launched in November will seek to define how to judge the performance of one of the newest fire technologies--smoke and flame video image detection, called VID.
"Work should begin mid-December," said Kathleen Almond, executive director of the Fire Protection Research Foundation, an affiliate of the National Fire Protection Association. "The study will culminate in a half-day workshop on VID performance issues on March 10 in Orlando Fla. Information on that is not yet public, but will be posted on our Web site []." The workshop will be open to all hose interested in VID performance including engineers, those involved with the NFPA codes and manufacturers.
The project is sponsored by five manufacturers: AxonX, Tyco Fire Protection, United Technical Research Corporation, Fire Sentry (the product made by D-Tec, a company that is opening a U.S. office this month), and Xtralis.
The foundation was also wrapping up work on another VID project that looked at the performance of fire detectors in tunnels, with a planned demonstration Nov. 10 in the Lincoln Tunnel. That project was to explore the performance in tunnels of VID technology and four other technologies: smoke detectors, linear heat detectors, spot heat detectors, and, flame detectors. Hughes Associates and the Northern Research Council of Canada are also involved in the study.