Video market to explode

Thursday, May 1, 2008

A report released by ABI Research in March forecasts that the video surveillance market is poised for explosive growth as it moves from a $13.5 billion market in 2006 to $46 billion in 2013. The figures in the report include everything involved in an end-to-end security surveillance system, from cameras, computers and storage to professional services and a hardware infrastructure.

"We’ve seen a trend toward selectively upgrading video equipment," said Stan Schatt vice president at ABI Research. "There’s a vast majority of casinos, for example, that still have analog cameras with essentially an old-fashioned recorder. They haven’t upgraded to a hybrid system yet, so there’s cost involved in adding digital storage and moving to an upgraded system," he said. The industry accepts a roughly 10-year lifespan for cameras, which was taken into account for this report, Schatt said.