Videofied intros free video

Jentoft panel: unplugged and live on camera
Monday, June 1, 2009

SAINT PAUL, Minn.--Saying his product is the same price point as similar “blind systems” (an alarm system without video), Keith Jentoft is introducing Videofied XL, a wireless residential alarm system with “free video” at the June ESX show.

“You get video and two-way voice over cell and the big thing is our panel has no AC connections. We deliver [at least] four years on one set of batteries,” said Jentoft, president of RSI Video Technologies.

Jentoft has teamed up with several major monitoring companies - including Rapid Response, CMS, EMERgency 24, UCC, ESC and USA Central Station - to launch the product and provide training at ESX. “We have about 50 central station ready to launch this; we’ve been working closely with the big guys.”

An adaptation of a similar product RSI sells for the commercial market, the XL uses a motion viewer to detect motion and send a 10-second video clip to a central station. The central station operator can then use two-way voice to investigate and determine how to respond.The system has an integrated GSM cell system, “which eliminates VoIP, IP routers, and PSTN connections altogether  - delivering video alarms with 2-way voice directly to the central station over the GSM network for approximately $4 per month.”

It also has a prox-card reader for arming and disarming the system. The standard package comes with an indoor MotionViewer, two contacts and two prox-cards. It can be expanded to include 20 MotionViewers or devices, including other standard Videofied peripherals such as outdoor MotionViewers, outdoor prox-card stations and outdoor siren/strobes.

Jentoft said the difference between this GSM system and ones that use AlarmNet and, is that that the signal goes directly to the central station, rather than being routed through a proprietary system. “We don’t sell the SIM card; we allow the dealer to do that,” he explained.

“That’s not our business model, we’re a manufacturer providing hardware.” It’s a model, he said, “that will allow us to sell more stuff.” Several well-known companies, including American Alarm of Arlington, Mass., are paying close attention to this product.

“We’re going to test the product,” said Wells Sampson, president of American Alarm. “It’s in tune with the best practices for video verification … [in addition], the typical residential customer’s budget doesn’t allow for a full commercial video system, and this product is a definite option in that arena.”

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