Viewpoint CRM opens new facility for video management

Thursday, April 2, 2009

LOWELL, Mass.--Viewpoint CRM, an interactive remote video monitoring company based here, has been defying the odds during the down economy. Viewpoint CRM CEO Brad Gordon claims there are two reasons his company is growing and expanding despite the economy falling apart. "We're good at what we do," Gordon said. "Also, in numerous industries the biggest line item on the budget is security. And it's also the item with which people are the least satisfied."

Viewpoint CRM recently expanded its operation and moved its monitoring center into a new, larger single room. Before the single room Gordon said the company was in the same building, but was split into two separate, smaller rooms, a situation he maintained was not ideal. "We had 2,400 square feet on two floors. Now we have 8,500 square feet in one room. It's much better. It's all about supervision." Gordon also said that while growth for Viewpoint CRM would most likely slow in 2009, it would still grow. "We've had 100 percent growth year over year for the last three years," Gordon said. "We'll probably be at 40 percent this year."

Part of Viewpoint CRM's appeal, and the main reason it's seen so much growth is the money it can save end users, Gordon said. "Our primary focus is guard reduction. When you consider that a twenty-four-seven guard costs between $150,000 and $225,000 a year, our service can save customers a lot of money."

Viewpoint CRM vice president of channel sales and marketing Mike Hanlon said that while the service Viewpoint CRM offers could replace guards completely, it's not their focus. "It's not all about replacing every guard. It's much more. It's about creating a better level of security."