Visionics teams with DV vendor

Nice Systems' NiceVision to integrate FaceIt technology
Tuesday, January 1, 2002

TEl AVIV, Israel - Nice Systems Ltd. announced an agreement to integrate its digital recording technology platform with facial recognition equipment from Jersey City, N.J.-based Visionics Corp. The companies say the marriage of Visionics' FaceIt with the NiceVision platform will allow on-demand face recognition by comparing high resolution digital video images and data received from third-party security applications.

Thanks to the clarity of the digital video and to the close integration of the companies' products, much of the functionality can be triggered automatically by input from databases or by unusual events-such as an unauthorized person entering a restricted area-detected by modules throughout the system, company officials said.

This also allows the face recognition capability to extend throughout a network of security devices and provides the capability to follow and track a suspect throughout a facility.

Susan Cohen, spokesperson for Nice Systems, said her company's products have been integrated with other types of security systems in the past, such as access control, X-Ray, and checkpoint systems, but noted that the Visionics deal was Nice's first official integration with a biometric system. "We are currently investigating other opportunities with other biometric systems other than face recognition," Cohen said.

Meanwhile, Visionics is continuing on its path to pair its technology with products and service offerings that require facial identification capabilities.

Company President and Chief Executive Officer Joseph J. Attick said Visionics has partnerships with approximately 300 companies that have developed or are developing products integrating Visionics technology.

"Our business model is to build the best enabling technology, just like Intel does with the Pentium Processor, and allow product makers and systems integrators to come up with different ways to use it. We allow them to add value to their offerings," said Attick.

The company recently announced a partnership with Lexington, Mass.-based defense and IT giant Raytheon. The two companies will develop and market the Face-It technology to airport, government, commercial and private entities. The company has also signed alliances with Annapolis, Md.-based ARINC Inc., an aviation communications and information processing company, and Swedish camera manufacturer WeSpot.