VIZpin to develop ‘almost DIY’ offering

Bluetooth-enabled ‘phone as key’ product evolving
Wednesday, June 29, 2016

LANCASTER, Pa.—VIZpin, formerly ECKey, is planning to develop an “almost DIY” option for its access control product, which turns your phone into your key.

Paul Bodell, VIZpin president and founder, told Security Systems News that VIZpin is totally committed to the channel, but at the same time “everything is going DIY.”

VIZpin plans to make the device so easy to install that “locksmiths and maintenance people will be able to install the devices in addition to security dealers.”

The company makes a Bluetooth-controlled device, apps to communicate with that device, and the cloud-based management services to define how the apps control the device. This enables end users to use VIZpin to turn their mobile phones into their keys.

VIZpin has a licensing deal with Southco, one of the largest manufacturers of engineered latches in the world, Bodell said. Its technology is also embedded in Securitech products, a Brooklyn, N.Y.-based door hardware manufacturer.