VoIP or cell in the apt.? No prob for Network Multifamily

SSN Staff  - 
Wednesday, August 1, 2007

IRVING, Texas--Network Multifamily Security Corporation in late June introduced the "Multifamily 360 EZ," a product that will enable existing Multifamily alarm systems to be upgraded to work in apartments that do not have a land-line telephone.
Network Multifamily is a division of Protection One that focuses on apartment dwellings. It has 300,000 customers across the country.
The new product is intended to address the trend toward cell-phone-only or VoIP-only households. This new product comes one year after Network Multifamily introduced the Multifamily 360 (search "Pro One division, GE debut wireless" at www.securitysystemsnews.com), a similar product for new customers that works with all telephone platforms. This product will continue to be used for new customers, while the EZ model is specifically for existing customers.
Mandy Vallowe, senior vice president at Network said in a statement. "[It] can be quickly retrofitted to most of the Network's existing alarm sytems, allowing us to monitor those systems regardless of whether or not a landline is present ... It gives our property owners confidence that the new telecom systems won't conflict with their alarm system now or in the future."