The vote is in

National elections electrify security industry
Wednesday, October 1, 2008

YARMOUTH, Maine--As election season hits a fevered pitch throughout the country, we here at Security Systems News wondered how this presidential election would impact our readership and the security industry as a whole. In an unofficial news poll conducted by SSN in late August, we asked readers to vote for their candidate and tell us some of the issues most important to them. Of the 278 votes received, nearly two-thirds were cast for Republican John McCain (see graph on page 2).

“I believe that national security is the most critical of all issues at this time and that John McCain is in a much better position to lead this country as such,” wrote Phil Hotaling. “Without a secure world position, our country is weak and our economy and healthcare won’t matter, although they are two very critical issues that need to be dealt with right away.”

Nearly one-third of respondents voted for Democrat Barack Obama, also citing the importance of security. “Security of our borders, strong immigration policy, a strong military, honesty and integrity from our leaders … reduction of the huge national debt, stopping jobs from being shipped overseas and outright lying by the leadership of this country. It’s time to stop it. The security industry will survive and thrive when we get rid of the current administration and elect Obama—there are more ways to skin the security cat,” wrote Hank Lewis.

A small percentage, about four percent, voted for a third-party candidate. “We have had poor choices for many years. They all allow government to grow too much. Although my company has benefited from government waste, I am a taxpayer and want a ‘real change’: Ron Paul,” said Joe Gabriszeski.

When asked how a candidate’s performance in the security industry influenced the way they voted, 41 percent said their vote is not at all influenced by a candidate’s performance in the security industry, followed by 31 percent saying it’s somewhat influenced and 28 percent saying it’s strongly influenced.

“I think John McCain is the strongest on security of national and internal security. This must include our industry. The security business needs to be effective inside our borders,” wrote John Elmore, Jr. However, one respondent admitted that he or she was “not aware of either candidate’s influence in the security industry, good or bad.”

So what issues most concerned respondents? Nearly 74 percent said the economy was the most important issue. “Without a healthy economy and lower taxes, businesses and homeowners may have no choice but to cut back on or postpone security purchases and expenses,” wrote Robert Shoremont. “That’s bad for the security industry and for our country.”

“The economy, which is heavily influenced by healthcare and Iraq, as well as international trade and the value of the dollar, is the key issue. To date, neither candidate has distinguished himself on this issue. The one who does gets my vote,” wrote Peter Michel.

Only 19 percent said the war in Iraq was the most important issue and 7 percent said healthcare. “The war is my main concern. It has affected the economy in a negative way. Higher costs for everything from gas to food, not to mention equipment for our industry. Healthcare is high on the list, but people are dying for the wrong reasons,” wrote Brian Falsetto.

Several respondents also cited the environment as an important issue.
Whatever the result of this election, several respondents agreed that it is a pivotal time in our nation’s history. “We as Americans must match the correct candidate for the times and elect him as not just the President but the leader of the free world,” wrote Carl Hurrle.

We’ll find out who that new leader will be on Nov. 5.