VOXCOM deals with Home Depot

Sunday, October 1, 2006

EDMONTON, Alberta--VOXCOM will install and service home security systems sold at all Home Depot Canada stores, thanks to an exclusive agreement signed on August 10.
"I expect that this will affect our business in a very positive way," said Brad Sparrow, president and chief executive officer of VOXCOM. "We have a good track record of partnering with major Canadian brands."
The market targeted by this agreement is the "do it for me market," Sparrow explained. Home Depot Canada has a department called Home Depot Installation Services. VOXCOM will install security systems for all customers who buy systems at Home Depot and want them professionally installed. After installation, VOXCOM will provide monitoring and service for these accounts.
Sparrow called the implementation of this program a "significant logistical exercise" and said he'll be looking for more dealers in key areas to service the Home Depot stores. He's already started an advertising campaign to find dealers.
The program will be rolled out in phases with the first phase scheduled to have begun Sept. 9, after Security Systems News went to press. Sparrow expects to be in all 144 Home Depot Canada stores within one year. Stores are located nationwide, and the chain is growing fast. "In a couple years, we expect there will be 200 or more Home Depot stores in Canada," he said.
VOXCOM currently has close to 120,000 customers across Canada, and partnerships with Brick, a major electronic and furniture retailer in Canada, Allstate and Cooperators Insurance, as well as marketing and affinity programs with several telcom, cable and airline companies.
Sparrow said Home Depot's approach to installation service is one of "trust us" and said officials there want to find the right companies to install and service the various products they sell. "VOXCOM fits well with Home Depot's values and customer service goals," he said. "They expect all of our installers to be professionals, with sales, installation and service, and they are.
"The more scrutiny placed on our industry by companies like Home Depot, the better."