Is AlarmCap/Microtec an appetizer acquisition for Stanley?


Stanley CSS announced on Day Two of ASIS, that they’d finalized the acquisition of First National AlarmCap, which operated under the name of Microtec Security Systems—and was, according to Stanley, Canada’s fourth largest alarm company.

I’ll be talking to Tony Byerly in the next day or two about Stanley’s plans to integrate this business. Stanley wasn’t talking back in August when we reported the deal and spoke to Fred Fong, former CEO of the company.

It’s a big buy. They paid $61 million and got 79,000 accounts, a bunch of dealers and two U.L Canada listed central stations. Here’s the story we wrote in August. It’s also on page 18 of our September printed publication. 

So, I’m eager to learn more about this deal, but I’m also wondering if this just an appetizer acquisition before Stanley buys the big entrée—ADT?

As I’m sure you know, Tyco announced Monday morning that it’s splitting into three independently traded companies, so ADT will be up for grabs around ASIS time next year. (Those former Brink's/Broadview/ADT dealers might get a chance to rebrand again.)

Stanley’s certainly interested in big residential companies. It made a play for European alarm company Securitas Direct earlier this year, but lost out to Bain Capital and Hellman & Friedman, who paid like  $3.4 billion.

Next September, will we be reporting two big deals: "Schneider acquires Tyco Fire & Security" and "Stanley Black & Decker acquires ADT"?

ON a separate, but related note, UTC, which was rumored to be looking at Tyco last week, did, in fact buy Goodrich.